About Me

Who is Cryptoslav and what is his endgame? Everything you need to know about me.
About Me


Attention spans don't last long these days. Here are the most interesting facts about me:

  • Lived for 6mo+ in five different countries (Germany, Russia, UK, Ireland, Czechia), for shorter periods in a ton more.
  • Speak five languages fluently (DE, EN, RU, CRO, ES).
  • Work as a writer and analyst for Coinmarketcap.
  • Spring/summer in Europe, fall/winter in Asia.
  • Studied politics, international relations, and macroeconomics at a bunch of unis (LMU, UCL, HSE Moscow), never attended any of my three graduation ceremonies.
  • Shit I endorse: based jokes, balanced views, beautiful women, taking responsibility for your actions, the scientific method, individual freedom, building stuff for the long run, technological progress, the Pareto principle, gym and clean eating, memes, crypto, AI, booze (occasionally).
  • Shit I disavow: gender madness, Western diversity hysteria, conservatoids, parroting propaganda, for and against the current thing-ers, people who take themselves too seriously, putting fruit in salty food, living in the Matrix, fat and unhealthy people, Clown World.
  • My investment philosophy: always focus on the highest leverage investment. While you are poor (below six figures), that is your skills and your business. After you have six figures liquid, you start thinking about multiplying your stack. I follow this exact approach.
  • My Endgame: building CryptoSlav into an educational and fun resource that teaches you something. My goal for you: you learn something, you have fun doing so, and you make money with what you learned.