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In this section, you will learn about the utility of Bitcoin. These big-brain deep dives teach you important aspects of Bitcoin's value proposition and functionality.
Learn Bitcoin
Executive Summary: The Ultimate Deep Dive Into Bitcoin’s Security Model
In this article, I explore Bitcoin’s security concerns due to diminishing block rewards and whether merged mining and the Lightning Network can provide a solution.
Executive summary: Is Bitcoin The Next World Reserve Currency?
Bitcoin analysts expect Bitcoin to play a significant role for US national security. But can Bitcoin become the next world reserve currency? In this article, I dive into pros and cons of Bitcoin as a strategic asset.
Executive summary: Bretton Woods III and Crypto
Bretton Woods III predicts the emergence of a new world monetary order. In this article, I explore whether this could come to be and what role cryptocurrencies play.
Executive summary: What the Dollar Milkshake Theory Means For Crypto
The Dollar Milkshake Theory predicts the demise of fiat currencies against the dollar. In this article, I explore whether the theory is already playing out and what it would mean for Bitcoin and Ethereum.
Executive summary: BTC vs ETH: Which Is the Better Store of Value in the 2020s?
A good store of value allows you to retain and increase your wealth. In this article, I explain stores of value and explore the bull and bear cases for BTC and ETH as stores of value.
Executive summary: Are Bitcoin And Ether Commodities?
Is BTC the digital gold and ETH the digital oil? You could make that case. I analyze in this piece what commodities are, how they are different from securities, and how digital commodities work.
Executive summary: Can Bitcoin Become Money?
Bitcoin is money. Or isn’t it? I analyze the three types of money, how money gets adopted, and whether Bitcoin can become money.
Executive summary: Here’s Why Everything You Know About Bitcoin And Inflation Is A Lie
Bitcoin and inflation is a topic much discussed but often misrepresented. In this article, I clarify how inflation works, its relationship with Bitcoin, and where inflation is headed in the future.
Executive summary: How The Shale Oil Boom And Flare Gas Could Transform Bitcoin Mining
The shale oil boom is also a boom of natural gas, which needs to be flared and can be used for Bitcoin mining. At scale, this could completely overhaul the economics of Bitcoin mining and I explore shale oil production and BTC mining can go hand in hand.
Executive summary: Bitcoin and Energy: Debunking the 7 Biggest Bitcoin Energy Myths
Bitcoin naysayers love to denounce the network based on its supposed climate impact. But is Bitcoin really bad for the climate? In this article, I debunk the 7 biggest Bitcoin mining myths.
Executive summary: Bitcoin and Energy: Bitcoin Mining — a Revolution in our Energy Production?
Bitcoin mining could play a significant role in overhauling the way we look at energy production. In this article, I look at how Bitcoin could flip energy production on its head and what needs to happen to make that real.
Executive summary: Debunking The Bitcoin Nation-State Theory
Bitcoiners love the idea that governments will buy BTC with fiat currency. But under what circumstances could that happen and which governments are likely to do so? I explore the ideas behind the Bitcoin nation-state theory and point out flaws in its reasoning.