Learn Crypto

In this section you will learn the knowledge and skills to become a better crypto investor. It teaches you crypto from the ground up, so you know how to distinguish scams from gems.
Learn Crypto

People think crypto is only about the 1,000X pump and retiring.

If you want to play the lottery - be my guest.

The alternative is to "learn crypto." You will understand:

  • How crypto works.
  • Why 99% of it is a scam.
  • The system to invest in crypto for sustainable long-term gains.

Much of my crypto-related work is, for now, on Coinmarketcap. Below are links to articles I wrote with explanations of what you will learn.

Much of my work is not for beginners, but this section is constantly being updated.

Learn Bitcoin
In this section, you will learn about the utility of Bitcoin. These big-brain deep dives teach you important aspects of Bitcoin’s value proposition and functionality.
Learn blockchain investing, trends & market analyses
In this section, you will learn the skills to understand the crypto industry. It teaches you important blockchain investing frameworks, industry trends & provides market analyses.
Weekly Series: Last Week on Crypto Twitter
In this weekly series, I take a light-hearted look at the most insightful, outrageous, and memorable content on Crypto Twitter. Continuously updated.