Learn Macro & Geopolitics

This section teaches you different concepts and developments in macro and geopolitics. You will learn how to distinguish the signal from the noise and become an even more well-informed investor.
Learn Macro & Geopolitics

I read and watch a lot about these topics.

This section explains different current and evergreen topics. My goal is to provide maximum signal and minimum noise. That's why I base my analysis on sector experts I consider reliable and knowledgeable. Every thesis has an antithesis, so I sample information from different sources with different viewpoints.

TLDR: I watch and read for hours, so you can watch and read my stuff in minutes.


De-dollarization is a MEME
In this video, I explain why de-dollarization is a meme and summarize reasons why the dollar will stay king for the foreseeable future.


Will the Ukrainian counter-offensive end the war?
Welcome to an update about the imminent Ukrainian counter-offensive in the war. Many hope it will be the beginning of the end of the war, but is that really the case?