Marketing Articles

This section is a collection of marketing articles written by me but published under the company banner.
Marketing Articles


CMC Newsletter: Kill It in the Markets With 10 Minutes a Week | CoinMarketCap
Only have 2 mins a day? The CMC newsletter summarizes the key market data and news you need to stay ahead in crypto.
Evolution of Top-10 Coins in CoinMarketCap’s History (2013-2023) | CoinMarketCap
The top 10 list on CMC has seen some unusual and crazy stuff come and go over the past decade. As CMC turns 10, let’s take a quick look at the evolution of crypto!
CMC Research: Looking for Reliable High-Quality Info on Crypto? Come This Way… | CoinMarketCap
Looking for reliable high-quality research reports on crypto? Here is what CMC Research offers you to stay ahead of the game!
Lost in the Complex World of Crypto? Here’s a Compass to Guide You! | CoinMarketCap
Wary of biased crypto influencers and commentators? Our even-handed crypto discussions will help you see through the hype, analyze new assets judiciously and avoid risks.
CMC Portfolio: The One Thing You Need To Survive the Crypto Rollercoaster | CoinMarketCap
Waiting for the next bull run? Here is one of the most powerful tools you need!
CMC’s New “Coin Detail Page (CDP)” Makes Crypto Tracking Easier Than Ever | CoinMarketCap
Learn how to use CoinMarketCap’s improved coin pages to analyze crypto with in-depth analytics and on-chain data!
How To Escape FOMO in Crypto? Never Miss a Coin Detail Again! | CoinMarketCap
Some token’s price is spiking and you are not sure why? Let us help you out!
How To Discover DeFi Gems? A Step-by-Step Guide | CoinMarketCap
Did you know CMC DexScan can help you find DeFi gems with just a few clicks? Let us show you how!
How To Find Crypto Alpha? | CoinMarketCap
Supercharge your crypto journey and filter your way to alpha on CoinMarketCap’s platform.
Fearful of Scams? Learn How To Find Reliable Crypto Exchanges | CoinMarketCap
Wondering how to find an exchange to make sure the rug doesn’t get pulled FTX-style? Let us help you out!

PR & Announcements:

CoinMarketCap Is Now CoinMarketCrab: Sideways Until the Moon! | CoinMarketCap
BREAKING: CoinMarketCap has rebranded.
A Birthday Announcement from CoinMarketCap’s New CWO | CoinMarketCap
CoinMarketCap has just turned nine.
BREAKING: CoinMarketCap Pulls Out of Crypto and Pivots Towards Physical Marketplace! | CoinMarketCap
All good things come to an end! However, this is not “the end” yet!
CoinMarketCap Introduces the CMC Fear and Greed Index | CoinMarketCap
CoinMarketCap releases our very own CMC Fear and Greed Index — check out how it works and how you can use it to navigate the volatile crypto markets!
CMC Launches Proof-of-Reserves | CoinMarketCap
CoinMarketCap is now showing crypto exchanges’ proof-of-reserves on our ranking pages.