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Who is Cryptoslav and what is this site? Everything you need to know about this site and me.

What I offer:

I filter the signal from the noise in crypto, macro and geopolitics.


I curate the most relevant and impactful news and break down complex developments into understandable and engaging formats. My analyses are in-depth but flavored with humor to keep you engaged.

I speak five languages fluently and access original sources as much as possible to give you a broader and more nuanced perspective.

TLDR: slow news but in a funny way.

Why should you care?

First, you get intellectually stimulated and can engage with complex ideas in a fun way.

Second, you get fundamental, big-picture analyses. If you come away thinking "I learned something here or "I haven't thought about it this way," it means I did it right.

Third, I offer a multilingual and multidisciplinary perspective instead of an echo chamber of opinions. The truth is almost always a shade of grey.

Finally, I hope this resonates with you and you join like-minded people in my free Telegram group:

Cryptoslav’s tavern

The most interesting facts about me:

  • Lived 6mo+ in many different countries (Germany, Russia, UK, Ireland, Czechia, Thailand, Kazakhstan), for shorter periods in a ton more.
  • Speak five languages fluently (DE, EN, RU, CRO, ES).
  • Writer and analyst for Coinmarketcap.
  • Studied politics, international relations, and macroeconomics at a bunch of unis (LMU Munich, UCL London, HSE Moscow), never attended any of my three graduation ceremonies.
  • What I endorse: the dialectic method, balance in everything, taking responsibility for your actions, the scientific method, individual freedom, building stuff for the long run, technological progress guided by wisdom, the Pareto principle, gym and clean eating, memes, beautiful women.
  • What I disavow: for and against the current thing-ers, people who outsource their sense-making, gender madness, Western diversity hysteria, conservatoids, parroting propaganda, taking yourself too seriously, living within the system, fat and unhealthy people, Clown World.


My YouTube Channel
This page explains the long-term and short-term goals of my YouTube channel.
Crypto Articles
This section is a repository of my work in crypto. I cover deep dives into Bitcoin, market analyses, investments, and more.