My YouTube Channel

My YouTube channel will become the main source of my work. On this page, I explain the long-term and short-term goals of the channel.
Ivan Cryptoslav: Crypto, Macro, Geopolitics
I offer: *I break down complex topics like crypto, macro & geopolitics into understandable and engaging formats: deep explanations with some humor. *I reduce the informational overload and focus on fundamental big-picture trends & developments: long-term analysis & strategic insight. *I access ori…

My long-term goal: build this YouTube channel into a source of signal.

My short-term goal: provide entertaining, insightful and unique information.

What I do provide: well-researched, in-depth, and informative analyses of topics I know and consider important.

What I do not provide: news, advice on "which side is right," misinformation.


Bretton Woods 3 is BULLISH for crypto (but only a bit)
Bretton Woods III predicts the emergence of a new world monetary order. In this article, I explore whether this could come to be and what role cryptocurrencies play.
Worldcoin ─ How to profit from the “Skynet Currency”
Welcome to a deep dive into Worldcoin, Sam Altman’s cryptocurrency that has raised $100M by promising free crypto for a scan of your iris.


Will the Ukrainian counter-offensive end the war?
Welcome to an update about the imminent Ukrainian counter-offensive in the war. Many hope it will be the beginning of the end of the war, but is that really the case?


The REAL reason experts warn about AI KILLING us 💀
Agenda: * The letter * How opinions on AI change * 4 reasons why AI is so powerful * What could go wrong (bad and really fkn bad) * Who signed the letter and who didn’t * The REAL reason why they signed What is this letter? How opinions on AI change: How it started vs