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Executive Summary: Arbitrum vs Optimism: The Ultimate Comparison (04/2023)

In this article, I compare the Ethereum scaling solutions Arbitrum and Optimism in terms of architecture, ecosystem growth, future plans, and current standing, analyzing which L2 has the edge in the race to become the dominant rollup.
Executive Summary: Arbitrum vs Optimism: The Ultimate Comparison (04/2023)

Summary: While similar architecturally, Arbitrum currently leads Optimism in ecosystem growth, but Optimism's modular approach and Coinbase partnership may help it gain ground in the scaling race.

Architectural comparison:

  • Both use optimistic rollups to scale Ethereum
  • Differences in fraud proof and virtual machine minimal

Ecosystem analysis:

  • Arbitrum has over 2x the TVL of Optimism
  • More diversified TVL across sectors
  • Dominates in daily users and transactions

Future catalysts:

  • Optimism pursuing modularity and Coinbase partnership
  • Arbitrum expanding through upgrades and sidechains


  • Arbitrum currently ahead in users and adoption
  • But Optimism could gain ground through innovations and partnerships
  • Overall close race between the two

Full article:

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The ARB token is finally live. The duel for the king of Ethereum scaling solutions enters a new phase.