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Executive Summary: What Are xNFTs (Executable NFTs)?

In this article, I explain what xNFTs are - a new type of executable NFT on Solana that can function as web3 applications.


What are xNFTs:

  • NFTs that can run code inside them as web3 applications
  • Interactive and dynamic unlike static regular NFTs

How xNFTs work:

  • Built on Solana using React xNFT framework
  • Code executed in secure isolated browser sandbox

Difference from regular NFTs:

  • Can function as full applications or protocols
  • Exclusive to Solana, not on other chains

Backpack Solana wallet:

  • Hosts and runs xNFTs locally
  • Developed by Coral to grow xNFT ecosystem

xNFT applications:

  • Games utilizing NFTs as playable assets
  • DeFi platforms accessible via xNFT
  • Dynamic NFT collections like Mad Lads


  • xNFTs expand utility of NFTs as web3 applications
  • But need compatible wallet like Backpack

Full article:

What Are xNFTs (Executable NFTs)? | CoinMarketCap
A new, programmable non-fungible token (NFT) standard that act as Web3 applications, built on Solana by the developers at Coral.