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Executive Summary: What Is Olympus (OHM)?

In this article, I explain Olympus, a DAO building a decentralized global currency. I cover how it allows staking and bonding OHM tokens, its innovations like protocol-owned liquidity, use of calculators, and adoption of the (3,3) meme.
Executive Summary: What Is Olympus (OHM)?

Summary: The article provides a framework for fundamental analysis and valuation of crypto assets, explaining key concepts like network effects, tokenomics, and market metrics, and walking through a 5-step process to assess a protocol's value.

What is Olympus:

  • Decentralized organization building a global currency.
  • Governed by OHM token holders.

How it works:

  • Users can stake OHM to earn auto-compounding rewards.
  • Or bond assets like stablecoins to get discounted OHM from the protocol.

Unique features:

  • Pioneered protocol-owned liquidity instead of incentives.
  • Acquires assets to back OHM, creating a price floor.
  • Staking mechanism incentivizes long-term holdings.

Other aspects:

  • Originated by an anonymous founder called Zeus.
  • OHM staking calculator helps model future yields.
  • (3,3) meme signifies commitment to the protocol.

Full article:

What Is Olympus (OHM)? | CoinMarketCap
Olympus is run as a DAO and aims to create a decentralized cryptocurrency that can be a global medium of exchange.