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The REAL reason experts warn about AI KILLING us 💀

The REAL reason experts warn about AI KILLING us 💀


  • The letter
  • How opinions on AI change
  • 4 reasons why AI is so powerful
  • What could go wrong (bad and really fkn bad)
  • Who signed the letter and who didn't
  • The REAL reason why they signed

What is this letter?

How opinions on AI change:

How it started vs how it's going:


Why AI is so powerful:

AI is more combinatorial than any other tool:

Evolution for AI is much faster compared to humans:

AI faces no selection pressure from evolution:

AI doesn't need to be "bad" to resist control:

How AI could go wrong:

  • Any kind of risk we have now will be amplified.

Putting tech in the hands of authoritarian governments:

Misinformation causing signals with second-order effects:

Pushing agencies and echo bubbles:

  • And the obvious ones: war, pandemics, more exploitative behavior, AI taking control

Who signed the letter and who did not:


The REAL reason:

Negativity bias:

Worrying about the risks early is GOOD:

  • Even if AI cant take control soon, it is worth worrying about it now because of exponential development.

Most likely immediate macro effect: Jobs

  • Also acceleration of all trends from before.


  • Keep a close eye on AI in your industry because it will likely bring YUGE change.