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Bretton Woods 3 is BULLISH for crypto (but only a bit)

Bretton Woods III predicts the emergence of a new world monetary order. In this article, I explore whether this could come to be and what role cryptocurrencies play.
Bretton Woods 3 is BULLISH for crypto (but only a bit)

Executive summary:

  • Bretton Woods III is a theory about a new world monetary order that will be centered around commdity-based currencies.
  • It is the brainchild of macro analyst Zoltan Pozsar, who predicts states to move on the margin into hard assets and commodities as currency reserves.
  • Pozsar sees the dollar's dominance declining, as de-globalization and commodity-hoarding drive states into hard assets.
  • Several indicators suggest that a marginal move away from the dollar is already underway.
  • Critics note that one should not expect a significant weakening of the dollar, as even the US' adversaries are not interested in the dollar losing its dominant position.
  • Crypto supports dollar dominance through the availability of stablecoins.
  • America may leverage cryptocurrencies in its own interests to strengthen the dollar.

Full article:

Bretton Woods III and Crypto | CoinMarketCap
A theory popularized by Zoltan Pozsar, an economist at Credit Suisse, this article looks at how it could potentially affect crypto.