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Crypto Books & Stories
Executive Summary: The New York Times Vs Bitcoin Mining: An Article Review
In this article, I summarize and analyze the arguments made in a critical New York Times piece about Bitcoin mining’s energy use, the rebuttals from the Bitcoin community, and who made the more convincing case in this latest battle over Bitcoin’s environmental impact.
The OneCoin Scam: A Multimedia Story
A deep piece about one of the most fascinating scams in crypto and beyond. How could one woman parlay an MLM to a multi-billion dollar valuation and disappear one day without a trace? A multimedia story with video, text, and infographics.
Executive summary: A Review of Popping the Crypto Bubble: Market Manias, Phony Populism and Technosolutionism
Stephen Diehl is a well-known cryptohater that has been calling for crypto’s downfall for years. He summarized his work in a book and in this article, I review the book and the merits of his arguments.
Executive summary: The Network State by Balaji Srinivasan — How To Start a Digital Country
In this article, I explore the concept of the Network State by Balaji Srinivasan, discussing its potential benefits, step-by-step formation process, and the future implications of digital countries based on blockchain technology.
Executive Summary: Second Crypto War
In this article, I explore the Second Crypto War beginning in the 2000s as encryption became mainstream, analyzing the key issues like government backdoor access, perspectives like tech companies prioritizing privacy, and implications for cryptocurrencies.
Executive Summary: The First Crypto War
In this article, I explore the First Crypto War in the 1990s between privacy advocates like the Cypherpunks and the US government over encryption.