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Crypto News
Executive Summary: Curve Exploit: Curve Founder Michael Egorov’s Loan Positions At Risk?
Summary: Curve Finance founder Michael Egorov’s CRV-collateralized loans are at risk of liquidation, following the exploit on certain Curve Finance liquidity pools on Sunday. * Egorov has taken out $110M in stablecoin loans against 460M CRV tokens, representing 47% of the total supply. * A drop i…
Executive Summary: Ripple Wins Against SEC! What’s Next?
Summary: Ripple’s legal victory against the SEC could pave the way for regulatory clarity and compliance in the crypto market. * XRP is a security when it is sold to institutions, but not when it is sold to exchanges or used as a form of payment for employees and contributors. * The
Executive Summary: What Is Prometheum and Why Is It in Front of Congress?
In this article, I explain what the obscure SEC-approved trading platform Prometheum is, why its CEO was brought in to defend regulation despite the platform’s lack of capabilities, and some theories on whether it’s an SEC psyop, regulatory trap, or simply grifters capitalizing on crypto hype.
Executive Summary: Gary Gensler Gets Grilled — And Now?
In this article, I cover the recent congressional hearing where SEC Chairman Gary Gensler was grilled for failing to clarify whether crypto is a security or commodity.
Executive Summary: Explaining the Silicon Valley Bank Fallout and USDC De-Peg
In this article, I explain the events behind the USDC stablecoin depegging over the weekend, including the failure of Silicon Valley Bank where Circle holds some USDC reserves. I analyze the potential impact on USDC, which appears limited since only a fraction of reserves were at risk.
Executive Summary: Ethereum’s Shapella Upgrade Is Live — Now What?
In this article, I cover the Ethereum Shapella upgrade that is now live and enables withdrawals of staked ETH, analyzing the uncertainty around whether this is bullish or bearish for ETH price.
Executive Summary: Is the FTX 2.0 Launch Coming?
In this article, I discuss the idea to relaunch the exchange as “FTX 2.0.” I examine concerns and alternate ideas proposed and analyze the overall uncertainty around whether FTX 2.0 will actually happen.
Executive Summary: Who Is Ben.eth? Controversial Memecoin Creator
In this article, I look at ben.eth, the controversial crypto influencer behind several viral memecoins. I cover his rise from obscurity, questionable presale tactics, and the ongoing debate around whether his tokens are legitimate or pyramid schemes.