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Executive Summary: Who Is Ben.eth? Controversial Memecoin Creator

In this article, I look at ben.eth, the controversial crypto influencer behind several viral memecoins. I cover his rise from obscurity, questionable presale tactics, and the ongoing debate around whether his tokens are legitimate or pyramid schemes.
Executive Summary: Who Is Ben.eth? Controversial Memecoin Creator

Summary: Ben.eth is a controversial crypto influencer who created several viral memecoins like BEN, PSYOP, and LOYAL through hype and promotions, raising questions about the legitimacy of these projects.

Who is ben.eth:

  • Previously little-known NFT influencer
  • Launched memecoin BEN after memecoin hype started
  • Gained attention when Bitboy endorsed BEN

ben.eth's memecoin launches:

  • Later launched PSYOP, promoted by Andrew Tate rant
  • Ran presale from his personal wallet
  • Also launched LOYAL, promised it would power a future DEX
  • Endorsed other coins like DAVE and Nakamigos NFT

Reactions to ben.eth:

  • Many call his tokens pyramid schemes, which he denies
  • Some fine with risky approach of sending him funds
  • Raised $20M+ in his presale wallet so far

Future plans:

  • Claims curated token drops are the future
  • Hints at another potential memecoin called FINALE
  • Unclear if he will continue memecoin launches

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Who Is Ben.eth? Controversial Memecoin Creator | CoinMarketCap
CoinMarketCap Alexandria dives into the rise of ben.eth’s memecoin empire — a tale of hype and controversy which convinced many investors to make some questionable choices.