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Executive summary: The ETH Merge Trade (Summer 2022)

The ETH Merge trade was the big trade narrative in summer 2022. In this article, I explain what it is and why everyone aped into it.
Executive summary: The ETH Merge Trade (Summer 2022)

What you will learn:

  • How to trade Ethereum leading up to its switch to proof-of-stake.

Executive summary:

  • Consensus is that ETH will pump leading up to the Merge.
  • After the Merge, everyone will want to ape into fat staking yields.
  • ETH could become deflationary.
  • Risks: ETH becoming more centralized and withdrawals not getting unlocked.

Full article:

The ETH Merge Trade | CoinMarketCap
The Ethereum ‘Merge Trade’ narrative has taken over, with ETH rallying 35% since the much-anticipated Merge date was announced. But, is this rally sustainable or merely hype-driven?