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Executive Summary: Is Memecoin Szn Back?

In this article, I look at the recent explosive pumps of new memecoins, compare them to OG memecoins, examine whether it's too late to join the hype, and analyze if this could mark the return of a sustained memecoin season.
Executive Summary: Is Memecoin Szn Back?

Summary: A new wave of memecoins like PEPE and WOJAK are pumping explosively, sparking speculation on whether this could mark the return of a memecoin season.

Coins pumping:

  • PEPE up 700% in a few weeks, already printed millionaires
  • WOJAK gained 10X in days, PPIZZA also 10X recently
  • AI-inspired coins like TURBO and WSB surging too

Compared to OG memecoins:

  • DOGE and SHIB still have much higher market caps
  • But PEPE trading volume to market cap very high at 0.85

Too late to join?

  • Caution warranted as dumps often follow pumps
  • But some believe memecoin run could continue
  • Taking profits recommended if in profit

Unclear if memecoin season back:

  • Recent pumps have speculative hype
  • But unclear if sustained attention and gains

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Is Memecoin Szn Back? | CoinMarketCap
With memecoins’ recent explosive surge, are we in the early innings of another memecoin season, or is the run over?