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BRC-20 Tokens are a Scam

In this video, I explain why BRC-20 tokens are useless and inefficient but make for good comedy on Bitcoin Twitter.
BRC-20 Tokens are a Scam


Bitcoin Ordinals fix the security budget

How Bitcoin Ordinals work

How BRC-20s work

BRC-20s are not even "real" tokens

It's definitely not an attack

Not the adoption you want, but the adoption you deserve

Fees moon...for now


The fallout: muh expensive transactions

Nic is right: There's No Such Thing as High Fees on Bitcoin

There’s No Such Thing as High Fees on Bitcoin
Bitcoin’s BRC-20 debate is a re-run of the 2015-17 blocksize wars, except this time some of the combatants have changed sides, says Nic Carter.

Litecoin gud coin

Litecoin Transactions Hit Record High as Bitcoin Fees Surge Amid BRC-20 Frenzy
Transaction fees on the Bitcoin blockchain have hit a two-year high due to the rising popularity of so-called BRC-20 tokens.

Lightning Network to the rescue? (spoiler: no)

Executive Summary: The Ultimate Deep Dive Into Bitcoin’s Security Model
In this article, I explore Bitcoin’s security concerns due to diminishing block rewards and whether merged mining and the Lightning Network can provide a solution.

Bitcoin can't handle it (and doesn't want to)

If Bitcoin Can’t Handle a Few JPEGs, How Can It Handle the World?
Network congestion from ordinals and BRC-20s is a stress test – and Bitcoin is failing.