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How to Read and Analyze a White Paper

I have had to read more shitty white papers than I would like, so I know how to tell apart the legit ones. Prepare yourself for the next bull run and learn what makes a good white paper here:
How to Read and Analyze a White Paper

What you will learn:

  • How to read and analyze a white paper to make better investment decisions.

Executive summary:

  • There are three types of whitepapers: academic, marketing, and trash.
  • Gitbooks and litepapers are more common than whitepapers these days.
  • Red flags: typos, vagueness, grandiose promises, omitted sections, and hiding the whitepaper.

Full article:

How to Read and Analyze a White Paper? | CoinMarketCap
Don’t want to be a victim of rug pulls? Read the white paper before investing! Not sure how to analyze a white paper? Let us make it easy for you!