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Executive summary: Are Bitcoin And Ether Commodities?

Is BTC the digital gold and ETH the digital oil? You could make that case. I analyze in this piece what commodities are, how they are different from securities, and how digital commodities work.
Executive summary: Are Bitcoin And Ether Commodities?

What you will learn:

  • What digital commodities are and whether Bitcoin and Ethereum can be considered digital commodities.

Executive summary:

  • Commodities are fully fungible economic goods, although almost no good is fully fungible in reality.
  • Securities represent ownership positions and are financial assets.
  • BTC is definitely a commodity. So is ETH. However, the former is no security, while the latter could be one but will likely not fall under such regulation.
  • To what extent digital assets are perceived more as commodities and less as equity will influence their long-term trading behavior.

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Are Bitcoin and Ether Commodities? | CoinMarketCap
What the heck is, in fact, a commodity, and why would BTC be one, but ETH isn’t one?