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Worldcoin ─ How to profit from the "Skynet Currency"

Welcome to a deep dive into Worldcoin, Sam Altman's cryptocurrency that has raised $100M by promising free crypto for a scan of your iris.
Worldcoin ─ How to profit from the "Skynet Currency"


  • What is it
  • Reactions
  • Altman's vision of the future (UBI)
  • Critique
  • Conclusions for investments

Worldcoin raises a fat round of funding:

OpenAI CEO in ‘advanced talks’ for $100M Worldcoin funding: Report
According to a Financial Times report published on May 15, Worldcoin, the project founded by OpenAI boss Sam Altman, is near to securing $100 million in funding with a mix of “existing and new investors,” according to people with knowledge of the deal.

How Worldcoin works:

Worldcoin price today, WLD to USD live, marketcap and chart | CoinMarketCap
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Sam Altman's UBI vision:

UBI is inevitable because of deflation:

Sam's big picture vision:

Moore’s Law for Everything
We need to design a system that embraces this technological future and taxes the assets that will make up most of the value in that world–companies and land–in order to fairly distribute some of the coming wealth.

The role of Worldcoin:

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Worldcoin leverages developing countries for influence:

A16z invests in this:


Introducing World ID and SDK
World ID is a new privacy-first protocol that brings global proof of personhood to the internet.

Data collection problems:

TFH Production Legal Center


Bullish for Efferium: