Crypto Policy & Macro

In this section, you will learn about the role of policy and the macroeconomic situation for crypto.
Crypto Policy & Macro
Executive Summary: Macro Brief Q2 2023: The Institutions Are Coming
In this article, I cover the increased institutional interest in crypto during Q2 2023. I discuss the optimistic market reaction but uncertain macroeconomic outlook and examine the potential impacts if a spot ETF is approved.
Operation Choke Point 2.0: The Third Crypto War?
In this article, I analyze increased US regulatory pressure dubbed “Operation Choke Point 2.0” challenging crypto companies, examining pushback through Congressional hearings and lawsuits, shifts in banking relationships, and whether this constitutes a “Third Crypto War”.
Executive summary: What Is De-Dollarization And What Does It Mean For Crypto?
In this article, I explore the concept of de-dollarization, its current status, and implications on the global economy, along with its potential impact on cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.
Executive summary: The Ultimate Guide to Crypto Regulation in the US and Pro-Crypto Politicians in 2023
2023 is expected to be the year of regulation in the crypto industry. In this article, I explain all pending bills and look at the most important pro and anti-crypto politicians.
Executive summary: The Role of Crypto in Cross-Border Payments: The Ultimate Comparison
In this article, I explore various cross-border payment methods, analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of traditional banking, fintechs, CBDCs, Bitcoin, and stablecoins in the context of international transactions.
Executive summary: What Will Be The Next Bull Market Catalyst? A Look At Crypto In 2025
Tokenization has brought a lot of bad, some good, and many more promises to investors. In this article, I look into which sectors could drive and benefit from the next crypto bull run.
Executive summary: Is Crypto a Good Investment During Stagflation?
Stagflation looks on the cards for 2023 and beyond. What does that mean for computer coins and how does stagflation even work? The ape-friendly analysis of a difficult economic concept in ELI5 terms.
Executive summary: The Grayscale Discount Explained: Could the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust Collapse?
Grayscale could get caught up in the aftermath of the FTX collapse. In this article, I explain how the Grayscale discount works and whether Grayscale is in danger of liquidation.
Executive summary: Explaining The FTX Collapse — Is This The End of Crypto?
You have probably heard everything and more about the FTX collapse. But if you haven’t, this article recaps how FTX went from regulatory darling to crash and burn in a matter of days.
Executive summary: What Does Twitter’s New CEO Elon Musk Mean for Crypto?
Elon finally bought Twitter and Crypto Twitter rejoiced. But what’s coming next? In this article, I summarized the purchase and looked into Elon’s vision for Twitter.