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In this section, you will learn different concepts and tools necessary to successfully invest in crypto.
Blockchain Tools & Guides
Executive Summary: How Does Account Abstraction Work? An Introduction to ERC-4337
In this article, I explain the concept of account abstraction for Ethereum wallets, how it works by decoupling accounts from private keys, and its benefits like simplified transactions and social recovery that could enable mainstream adoption.
Executive summary: 20 Popular Blockchain Analytics Tools and Companies
In this article, I present a comprehensive list of 20 popular blockchain analytics tools and companies, offering insights on their main features and helping you elevate your crypto research and gain a deeper understanding of the blockchain ecosystem.
Executive summary: Crypto Asset Valuation: How to Value Crypto Protocols and Blockchains
In this article, I delve into the fundamentals of crypto asset valuation, teaching you how to value crypto protocols and blockchains by creating a detailed valuation framework, analyzing market metrics, and examining the crucial role of tokenomics in the modern crypto landscape.
Executive summary: Fully Diluted Market Cap — How Emissions Kill Tokens in a Bear Market
FDV is a metric that gets ignored until the bear market hits. Investors wake up to fantastical valuations and panic sell their coins. In this article, I look at the significance of the fully diluted market cap.
Executive summary: Blockchain Network Effects — the Next Bull Market Driver?
The network effects blockchains develop will make or break their long-term success. In this article, I look at case studies of Bitcoin and Ethereum network effects.
How to Read and Analyze a White Paper
I have had to read more shitty white papers than I would like, so I know how to tell apart the legit ones. Prepare yourself for the next bull run and learn what makes a good white paper here:
Crypto Country Guides
A selection of country guides: > Crypto in the EU> Crypto in Russia> Crypto in the UAE> Crypto mining in Kazakhstan> Crypto in Jordan
Crypto Slang You Need to Learn
The ultimate guide on crypto slang and memes out there. Consider this your dictionary when you enter Crypto Twitter the next time and have no clue what everyone is talking about. Learn all 44 terms:
Executive Summary: What Is Blockchain Network Congestion?
In this article, I explain what blockchain network congestion is, what causes it, and its effects like increased fees and delays. I analyze real cases of congestion on Bitcoin and Ethereum, and potential solutions like layer 2 and sharding.
Executive Summary: How To Create Ethscriptions on the Ethereum Blockchain
In this article, I explain what Ethscriptions are - a way to share image data on Ethereum without NFTs. I compare Ethscriptions to NFTs, walk through how to create and trade them, and examine the debated future outlook on whether they are really necessary.
Executive Summary: What Is Olympus (OHM)?
In this article, I explain Olympus, a DAO building a decentralized global currency. I cover how it allows staking and bonding OHM tokens, its innovations like protocol-owned liquidity, use of calculators, and adoption of the (3,3) meme.
Executive Summary: Coin vs Token: What Is the Difference?
In this article, I explain the difference between coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum that are independent cryptocurrencies, and tokens like Tether and Uniswap that depend on an existing blockchain.
Executive Summary: What Is an Application-Specific Blockchain (AppChain)?
In this article, I explain what application-specific blockchains (appchains) are, how they connect to a broader network for security while remaining specialized for their particular application.
Executive Summary: Who Is Andre Cronje?
In this article, I explain who Andre Cronje is - an influential DeFi developer known for and other protocols. I cover his background, views on crypto culture, reasons for departing DeFi, and the impact his absence may have.


Executive Summary: What Are Multi-Party Computation (MPC) Wallets?
In this article, I explain what multi-party computation (MPC) wallets are, how they differ from other wallet types, the benefits and risks of MPC wallets, and tips on how to select the right MPC wallet for your needs.
Executive Summary: What Are Smart Contract Wallets?
In this article, I explain what smart contract wallets are and how they differ from regular wallets by enabling users to control funds via a smart contract.


Executive summary: How to Assess The Value of an NFT
NFTs are well-known ponzis but if you want to play in the casino, you have to know the strength of your hand. In this article, I explain how to assess the value of an NFT.
Executive summary: What Are Fractional NFTs (F-NFTs) and How Do They Work?
There’s this new sorcery called fractionalized NFTs. In this article, I look into whether it’s a scam worth knowing about or whether you should put your shekels elsewhere.
Executive Summary: What Is ERC-6551? Explaining the New NFT Token Standard
In this article, I explain the new ERC-6551 NFT standard that enables NFTs to hold assets, interact with contracts, and have on-chain identity. I cover use cases like composability and provenance tracking, as well as challenges around adoption and security.
Executive Summary: How To Create Dynamic NFTs (dNFTs)?
In this article, I explain what dynamic NFTs are, how they leverage smart contracts and oracle data to evolve over time, key differences from static NFTs, the process for creating dynamic NFTs, their benefits like increased interactivity, and use cases in gaming, sports fantasy, and more.
Executive Summary: What Is NFT 2.0? New NFT Token Standards on the Horizon
In this article, I explore several emerging Ethereum token standards like ERC-6956, ERC-5773, ERC-6059, ERC-6220, ERC-6381, and ERC-6454.
Executive Summary: What Are xNFTs (Executable NFTs)?
In this article, I explain what xNFTs are - a new type of executable NFT on Solana that can function as web3 applications.
Executive Summary: What Are Utility NFTs?
In this article, I explain what utility NFTs are and how they offer intrinsic value by granting access to exclusive privileges and examine the potential of utility NFTs to move beyond just digital ownership.