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Learn blockchain investing, trends & market analyses

In this section, you will learn the skills to understand the crypto industry. It teaches you important blockchain investing frameworks, industry trends & provides market analyses.
Learn blockchain investing, trends & market analyses

Investing in blockchain projects:

Executive summary: What Is De-Dollarization And What Does It Mean For Crypto?
In this article, I explore the concept of de-dollarization, its current status, and implications on the global economy, along with its potential impact on cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.
Executive summary: 20 Popular Blockchain Analytics Tools and Companies
In this article, I present a comprehensive list of 20 popular blockchain analytics tools and companies, offering insights on their main features and helping you elevate your crypto research and gain a deeper understanding of the blockchain ecosystem.
Executive summary: Crypto Asset Valuation: How to Value Crypto Protocols and Blockchains
In this article, I delve into the fundamentals of crypto asset valuation, teaching you how to value crypto protocols and blockchains by creating a detailed valuation framework, analyzing market metrics, and examining the crucial role of tokenomics in the modern crypto landscape.
Executive summary: The Ultimate Guide to Ethereum Liquid Staking in 2023
ETH liquid staking derivative providers are pumping in early 2023. In this article, I explain why and how you can benefit from Ethereum liquid staking.
Executive summary: The Ultimate Guide to Crypto Regulation in the US and Pro-Crypto Politicians in 2023
2023 is expected to be the year of regulation in the crypto industry. In this article, I explain all pending bills and look at the most important pro and anti-crypto politicians.
Executive summary: Blockchain Network Effects — the Next Bull Market Driver?
The network effects blockchains develop will make or break their long-term success. In this article, I look at case studies of Bitcoin and Ethereum network effects.
Executive summary: What Will Be The Next Bull Market Catalyst? A Look At Crypto In 2025
Tokenization has brought a lot of bad, some good, and many more promises to investors. In this article, I look into which sectors could drive and benefit from the next crypto bull run.
Executive summary: Fully Diluted Market Cap — How Emissions Kill Tokens in a Bear Market
FDV is a metric that gets ignored until the bear market hits. Investors wake up to fantastical valuations and panic sell their coins. In this article, I look at the significance of the fully diluted market cap.
Executive summary: The Role of Crypto in Cross-Border Payments: The Ultimate Comparison
In this article, I explore various cross-border payment methods, analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of traditional banking, fintechs, CBDCs, Bitcoin, and stablecoins in the context of international transactions.
How to Read and Analyze a White Paper
I have had to read more shitty white papers than I would like, so I know how to tell apart the legit ones. Prepare yourself for the next bull run and learn what makes a good white paper here:
Executive summary: A Review of Popping the Crypto Bubble: Market Manias, Phony Populism and Technosolutionism
Stephen Diehl is a well-known cryptohater that has been calling for crypto’s downfall for years. he summarized his work in a book and in this article, I review the book and the merits of his arguments.
Executive summary: The Network State by Balaji Srinivasan — How To Start a Digital Country
In this article, I explore the concept of the Network State by Balaji Srinivasan, discussing its potential benefits, step-by-step formation process, and the future implications of digital countries based on blockchain technology.
Executive summary: What Are Soulbound Tokens (SBT)?
Vitalik Buterin introduced the idea of soulbound tokens, a way of identifying someone on-chain. In this article, I dive into soulbound tokens and their use cases.
Executive summary: How to Assess The Value of an NFT
NFTs are well-known ponzis but if you want to play in the casino, you have to know the strength of your hand. In this article, I explain how to assess the value of an NFT.
Executive summary: What Are Fractional NFTs (F-NFTs) and How Do They Work?
There’s this new sorcery called fractionalized NFTs. In this article, I look into whether it’s a scam worth knowing about or whether you should put your shekels elsewhere.
Executive summary: Next Steps for Ethereum After the Merge
Ethereum’s roadmap is an arduous road to completion. In this article, I dig through the technical mumbo jumbo to explain as much as possible what’s still to come.
Crypto Country Guides
A selection of country guides: > Crypto in Russia> Crypto in the UAE> Crypto mining in Kazakhstan> Crypto in Jordan
Executive summary: Is Crypto a Good Investment During Stagflation?
Stagflation looks on the cards for 2023 and beyond. What does that mean for computer coins and how does stagflation even work? The ape-friendly analysis of a difficult economic concept in ELI5 terms.
Crypto Slang You Need to Learn
The ultimate guide on crypto slang and memes out there. Consider this your dictionary when you enter Crypto Twitter the next time and have no clue what everyone is talking about. Learn all 44 terms:
The OneCoin Scam: A Multimedia Story
A deep piece about one of the most fascinating scams in crypto and beyond. How could one woman parlay an MLM to a multi-billion dollar valuation and disappear one day without a trace? A multimedia story with video, text, and infographics.

Market analyses (deprecated):

Executive summary: State of DeFi in 2023 (March 2023)
In this article, I delve into the current state of DeFi in 2023, examining the impact of DeFi Winter, the major DeFi protocols still standing, the challenges the industry faces, and the potential avenues for growth and future improvements in the decentralized finance ecosystem.
Executive summary: Macro Brief 2023: How Will Macro Impact the Crypto Markets? (March 2023)
In this article, I explore the impact of macroeconomic factors on the crypto market in 2023, discussing the key events that led to its downturn in 2022, the current macro situation, and the outlook for the rest of the year.
Executive summary: The Grayscale Discount Explained: Could the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust Collapse?
Grayscale could get caught up in the aftermath of the FTX collapse. In this article, I explain how the Grayscale discount works and whether Grayscale is in danger of liquidation.
Executive summary: Explaining The FTX Collapse — Is This The End of Crypto?
You have probably heard everything and more about the FTX collapse. But if you haven’t, this article recaps how FTX went from regulatory darling to crash and burn in a matter of days.
Executive summary: The State of Crypto Gaming in the Bear Market
Crypto gaming is down bad. in the bear market In this article, I analyze just how bad and why that is the case.
Executive summary: What Does Twitter’s New CEO Elon Musk Mean for Crypto?
Elon finally bought Twitter and Crypto Twitter rejoiced. But what’s coming next? In this article, I summarized the purchase and looked into Elon’s vision for Twitter.
Executive summary: The State of NFTs in the Bear Market
NFTs are down horrendous in the bear market. In this article, I analyze, just how much.
Executive Summary: Why Is Ethereum Going Down? (October 2022)
For a while, it looked like ETH would merge with three figures following the Merge. In this article, I assess why ETH has not been turbobullish as predicted after going to PoS.
Executive summary: The ETH Merge Trade (Summer 2022)
The ETH Merge trade was the big trade narrative in summer 2022. In this article, I explain what it is and why everyone aped into it.
Executive summary: Inflation Still Running Hot! A September 2022 Bitcoin Price Update
Since the last July update, we had a small scam pump and a lot of sideways crabbing. What’s in store for BTC for the rest of 2022?
Executive summary: Why Are We In A Bear Market? When Will It End? (Summer 2022)
A temporary rally aside, the bears are still in control of the summer 2022 market. I cover how we got into this mess, how it compares to previous crypto bear markets, what the near future holds for crypto, and what could delay the start of the next bull market.
Executive summary: Euro at Parity to The Dollar - What Does That Mean for Crypto?
The ECB is rugging the euro and American tourists enjoy a nice discount on their eurotrips. But why is the euro in down-only mode and is that bullish or bearish for crypto? Read a macro-crypto crossover analysis.
Executive summary: Is the Bitcoin Bottom In? A July 2022 Update
Bitcoin is rallying after a brutal sell-off following the macro nuke and several hedge funds getting blown out. Will 18K hold as the bottom or will the beras strike back? Read the analysis and which big shots are bullish on BTC.